Concierge Mobile Animal Hospital truck interior

Tour Our Mobile Animal Hospital

Hi! I’m Dr. Jaimie, and welcome to Concierge Mobile Animal Hospital, where we provide comprehensive veterinary care at your convenience. While we try to perform most services in the comfort of your own home, some animals get to come onto our truck.

Our luxurious, mobile, medical, dental, and surgical vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology, which allows us to provide the same quality veterinary care that you should have come to expect from your traditional veterinary hospital, minus the headaches and the hassles.

Let’s take a look! Come on in.

This is our in-house laboratory area. We can offer full diagnostics, from blood work to feline leukemia and AIDS testing, Parvo testing, urine tests, and even microscope cytology, right here on the truck. We also have the more traditional send-out laboratory services, but we usually get the results within 24 hours.

We can do full blood work. We have all of the medical supplies like syringes and needles and everything that you would need to do what we need to do to get the best care for your pet.

This central table has many uses. First of all, it’s our primary examination and treatment table when your pet comes onto our truck. My favorite part about this table is the high-quality digital x-ray that can be done right here—no limitations, we can do it on this table. Lastly, we use this table for any kind of dental cleanings or oral surgeries that need to be done.

This little toy over here is my favorite toy on the truck. This is our mobile ultrasound. Most of the time, I’ll come into your house and do the ultrasound where your pet feels the most comfortable: on their couch, or on their bed. But sometimes it’s nice to come onto the truck in a peaceful, quiet environment and we can get their ultrasound done here.

In the back of the truck, we have our state-of-the-art OR, which meets all California safety and aseptic requirements. It comes complete with full anesthesia monitoring, IV fluid pumps, all of that so that we can keep your pet really safe. We use the best anesthetics on the market, and of course, our highest quality surgical equipment.

Whether I’m seeing your pet for a routine wellness exam or a serious medical condition, you can rest assured that when they’re with Concierge Mobile Animal Hospital, they’re going to get the best quality medical care that they can, in a calm and peaceful environment.

Why Choose Concierge Mobile Animal Hospital?

  • High quality wellness care and surgical services
  • No lines or waiting
  • Personalized, private, and attentive care
  • Safer care for all pets (particularly weak and sick animals)
  • A comfortable, peaceful environment for nervous, fractious, or aggressive pets
  • Convenience for busy professionals and families, seniors, multiple pet owners, and individuals with disabilities and mobility concerns

We apologize but we are currently unable to accept new patients.